Meet Brenda

Welcome! Thanks for taking a moment to learn about me.

My name is Brenda Rivas and I am the Founder & CEO of Avante′ Strategy. My experience includes over ten years of Online Marketing Operations Consulting and Implementation. I am also experienced in project management across a variety of areas including virtual business, outsourcing, business process redesign, information design and change management. I have had the pleasure of working with clients across many different industries including legal, medical, personal development and environmental sectors.

I started this career as an online business manager for many of today’s successful online businesses. That experience allowed me to develop my online marketing, information design, process redesign, project management and cloud based technology skills. It also taught me the power of working virtually with clients from all over the world. Today, I leverage technology to work with our clients from anywhere in the world! That totally satisfies one of my core values which is ‘freedom’.

Early on, I discovered the ability to spot inefficiencies within a business, create a course correction plan and oversee the implementation of the strategy. The result? The re-engineering of businesses that raises service levels while reducing overwhelm and ultimately increasing profitability through the power of leverage.

I am flattered when my clients refer to me as their “secret weapon”, as I am typically the person ‘behind” the success strategy. That “role” is very much in alignment with my values, gifts and strength.

Avante′ Strategy came fourth as a result of my years of experience, clarity of my own lifestyle goals, the honoring of my skills and the strong desire to create a company who’s intention is to serve those who have big missions to carry out and just need some guidance around the HOW. My intention is to bring the highest quality Online Marketing & Operations Consulting solutions to small businesses while building a team and culture that matches my core values. This formula has been reinforced by our strong growth and client loyalty.

While my key role is to help businesses move forward by leveraging their efforts, I like to think that what I am really here to do is guide business owners into seeing what is truly possible for themselves and their businesses and then creating a plan to bring their vision into life. The idea of turning what seemed impossible into possible totally turns me on!

Currently, I live in beautiful Miami with my family. I love traveling, cooking, the beach and our South Florida sports teams!


Official Bio
Brenda Rivas is the CEO and visionary of Avante′ Strategy, an Online Marketing & Operations Design Agency committed to delivering results driven planning, implementation & marketing management solutions to service driven consulting brands. Brenda’s many years of experience have positioned her as an expert in small business operations and online marketing strategy. She has a deep passion for helping small businesses identify costly inefficiencies so they can quickly “course-correct” and make fabulous money. In fact, she’s helped some of today’s most successful online gurus create high-earning businesses that also integrate transformative impact and the lifestyle to match.